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Money Management

Money matters.

Take the stress out of your daily finances

Hook can help

Keeping up with bills and organizing paperwork can be a real burden. Take the stress out of managing your everyday finances with Daily Money Management services by the certified experts at Hook Law Center. Initial consultations are 100% free to you with no obligation.

Time is money

Sometimes it seems like managing our personal finances gets more complicated by the day. More time consuming, too. Just finding the time to organize your bills, make payments, balance checkbooks and credit card statements, understanding medical benefits and invoices – even just sorting through the mail – can be a challenge. Hook Law’s licensed and bonded money managers handle it all and make sure nothing slips past you. The only question is – What will you do with all that extra time?

Daily Money Management Services:

  • Personal Bill Pay
  • Budgeting
  • Opening and Sorting Mail
  • Organization and Review of Bills and Statements
  • Reconciling Checkbook and Other Bank Accounts
  • Tax Organization and Planning

The benefits really add up

Our goal is to craft a personalized money management program tailored to your exact needs. We’ll sit down with you for an initial free consultation, discuss your needs and wishes, review your paperwork and decide how we can do the most good. We’ll analyze your spending and income to help you stay on track, while working to improve your credit score and reduce your interest rates. Say goodbye to paperwork clutter and the frustrations of late fees, unopened mail and cancelled policies. As part of the Daily Money Management services, we will carefully maintain all of your files and records for accountants and financial advisors, while handling your day-to-day financial tasks professionally and confidentially. We’ll even review your phone plans and insurance rates to make sure you’re getting the best available rates. If you’ve lost a spouse who handled all your paperwork – or you’re just tired of managing it yourself – you’ll rest assured knowing your bills are paid, and your records are up to date and accurate. Schedule your free consultation with us today!

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I am beholden to Mr. Hook and the entire staff who advised me during the difficult time following my sisters’ death. The firm was highly recommended and I understand why. Any bewilderment I felt going through the estate process was eased by the compassion and professionalism exercised by this law firm. I am eternally grateful.
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