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Trust And Estate Accounting

You’ve worked diligently to build up your assets and establish your estate. Now is the time to work with a Hook Law Center estate planning attorney to safeguard your assets, before it’s too late. All too often, someone’s hard-earned estate is decimated by federal and state taxes after they are gone; complex tax and property laws often tangle up family assets and leave little behind for future generations.

Hook Law Center brings a wealth of experience, creativity and insight to trust and estate accounting. Our attorneys help individuals and businesses protect their wealth with well-honed, creative strategies to safeguard and transfer resources. We know how to work with tax and property laws for the planning, administration and litigation of trusts and estates. We also work with issues involving charitable gifts and foundations, retirement accounts, insurance, and valuation and planning for any incapacity. We’ll help you look at numerous tax planning alternatives, such as taking advantage of certain tax elections and disclaimers, as well as ensuring that trust and estate appraisals are done correctly, assets are properly accounted for, tax filing requirements are met, and trust and estate assets are distributed correctly.

Our diligent trust and estate attorneys will work with you in all phases of the long-term administration of trust and estate issues, as well as tax planning, preparation and filing, trust and estate accounting, and distributions.

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I am beholden to Mr. Hook and the entire staff who advised me during the difficult time following my sisters’ death. The firm was highly recommended and I understand why. Any bewilderment I felt going through the estate process was eased by the compassion and professionalism exercised by this law firm. I am eternally grateful.
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