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It’s Summertime – Do You Know Where Your Children/Parents Are?

by Natalie A. Hale, CECC, Public Benefits Specialist

July 1, 2013

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Yes, it’s summer and folks are busy going on vacation- taking cruises, traveling across the country or overseas, off to camp…  Just because it may be a ‘short’ trek does not mean you won’t need important documents!

How many of us grandparents take care of our grandchildren while their parents go on vacation or take them on vacation ourselves?  Do you know that, just because you are a relative, it does not mean you can authorize medical treatment other than life or death emergency treatment?  You should have a written document from the parents authorizing you to act as the authorized agent for your grandchild/children.

If parents are traveling out of the country, you should have specific itinerary information included in the document to avoid unnecessary delays.

If parents go on vacation while their children are away at camp- who is the local contact person in an emergency? Do they have the appropriate authority to act in your stead?

The same advice goes in reverse. Most all of us are our parents’ “agent” under a General Durable Power of Attorney and/or Advance Medical Directive.  If the primary agent is going to be unavailable for a defined period of time, he/she should have a document attesting to this and pass the agent authority on to the successor agent for the duration of his/her absence. It is always a good idea in such situations to have this statement notarized.

Planning ahead with these simple steps will prevent unnecessary delays should the unthinkable happen while you’re gone. A quick visit to the Hook Law Center can go a long way to a wonderful summer….  Come see us at Hook Law Center today to get your vacation plans in order!

ask kitkat logoBike Courier and His Cat

Hook Law Center:  Kit Kat, is there really such a thing as a bike-riding cat?

Kit Kat: This is an interesting story that I think my readers will like. Being a bike courier, a person who delivers packages or mail on a bike, is a relatively new phenomenon. Well, there is such a person named Raul Saldia of Philadelphia. But the interesting part only begins there. Raul has a pet cat named MJ which stands for Mary Jane. She is an orange tabby. Raul got the idea to have MJ ride along with him while he delivered packages and mail, because she always liked to plop herself on his shoulders at home. At first, he started with one block. Then , the next day she made it for 2 blocks, and so on, until he could have her ride around with him for 25 miles!

What is more amazing is that MJ is generally an indoor cat. This is her first experience being outdoors. And what an experience! Raul does not use any harness or leash to keep her balanced there. She has just figured out how to make it work. Raul wears a helmet, but MJ, I guess you would say, is riding bare. Now I don’t know if I would recommend this for every cat and cat owner, but it seems to work for this pair. Raul obviously loves her, and MJ obviously enjoys being with her daddy.

Another interesting tidbit is the way this whole story came to light. Raul mounted a GoPro camera to his bike, so he could document that his cat was indeed riding with him on his bike. It’s become a YouTube favorite, since he posted it last October (2012). Go Pro has even used some of the footage in a commercial. MJ is now a movie star, though as of now, she only stars in one feature! Who knows what the future will hold.

(Source = May 31, 2013)

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